Safe Home Project

This is How It All Started

There is a startling number of children rescued from sexual abuse and trafficking each year who have nowhere safe to go. These kids more often than not, end up in the child welfare system where the likelihood of them being re-abused is extremely high.

Even if they are placed in a nonabusive home, rarely are these foster parents able to provide the level of care and mental health support that these children really need.

This is why one of our core initiatives at #WeRescueKids is to open up “safe homes” for children tha have been sexuall abused or trafficked to come live in a family-like atmosphere while under the care of licensed therapists so they can receive the support they need to overcome their trauma.

We intend to roll out our safe home project in 2022, and are currently raising funds.

It costs about $150k to set up a safe home and $300k per year in operating costs. Currently all of our donor money is being funneled into our virtual mental health program “BLOOM”.

If you’d like to donate specifically to our safe home initiative and help us get our first location open, please email Vanessa Meade at for more information.

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